3 Ignored Spaces Where Businesses Can Find Customer Data

We are in the startup era, where new businesses boom and bust at an unforeseen pace. Some startups are able to pack a punch right into the face of existing giants while most fail to mark worthy significance in the market.

Why is it that some succeed and others fall flat? What separates the successful ones from failures? The answer is customer data.

How well a business collects and exploits the customer data can influence its ability to succeed. A decade ago, most entrepreneurs were satisfied with customer data that was collected with traditional marketing efforts. However, the explosion of big data in digital form has induced more complexities and toughness with data collection.

Image Credit: NEC Corporation of America via Flickr

What is, even more, challenging is locating the places where customer data is stored. If your business is facing some similar challenging then the following should help you considerably.

1. Your Contact Center

The first thing to remember is that contact center is a lot more than just call center. Since voice calling is facing a tough competition from other business communication mediums, such as Chats, IM Tools, Emails, etc., it is important to adopt with them all. So, use the futuristic technologies with calling (like- Hosted PBX and Virtual Office) along with digital methods.

Once you have got the contact center setup right, the data extraction can be pretty easy and the best part is that data collected here finds better and influential ways of reaching the customer.

A smart analysis of the customer choices with the communication can help you understand what they find most convenient and authentic, so you can serve accordingly. A contact center is a package of crucial information, such as issues that customer face, most admired product, etc. Furthermore, it helps the business in pitching personalized sales plan for the customers to improve your conversion rate.

2. Social Channels: Your & Competitor’s

Social media is an instant, widespread, and popular source of marketing. While the world is going mad about the social networks, businesses have to pay a hefty amount to run their ad campaigns on them. Amazingly, some businesses have got the Midas touch that is earning them customers over social media without burning dollars on ads. The key difference is again with the data.

Social Media Concept

Data available on the social media is immense and so are the options to analyze them. If you are doing a fine job with online marketing, prospects will join in. Depending on the social channel you pick, it can not only find customers for a specific location or age group, but also precise interest, skill, behavior, etc.

While providing public and private message option, it can also offer other contact details, such as phone number, emails, etc. that can further be added to your leads.

3. Abandoned Carts

Abandoned cart means customer was pretty close to the sale and now a gentle push will just make it happen. So, never ignore the details of the customers who left the cart abandoned. Business should work on developing E-carts in a manner that it collects relevant customer contact details pretty quickly while keeping the convenience of the customer in mind.

Dig further into the abandoned cart to understand the where the customer actually left it — before login, after login, after coupon application, etc. Accordingly plan a way to approach the customer and make an offer that is hard to decline.

Another thing to look for certain patterns with the abandoned carts as there may be something lacking, which made them leave in midway.

Wrapping Up

With the digital world getting a new life in the form of websites and mobile app, the ability to track the customer data has grown many folds. Businesses now have more precise and accurate mediums to reach the customers. Yet understanding the mindset of the customer is still a tough nut to crack.

With the growing competition, the requirements of this particular understanding grow and making the right use of the customer data remains the only option for staying on the productive path.