QuickBooks Hosting Price Comparison: 2018 Edition

QuickBooks Hosting Concept, Image Credit: Ace Cloud Hosting

Welcome to this year’s pricing comparison of some of the best QuickBooks Hosting Provider.

Last year, I’d provided some tips on how to choose a good hosting provider for your QuickBooks software and data. In that article, I compared their pricing plans as well.

Since Tax season is going to start on 29th January, most of the businesses, CPAs, and accounting professionals would be looking for QuickBooks cloud hosting provider.

But what’s important while choosing a hosting provider? What should you look into a cloud provider before giving them your accounting data and QuickBooks application?

Before jumping to the price comparison of these application hosting providers, here are a quick look at the things that you should look into before selecting a hosting provider for your QuickBooks.

  1. Performance: Always ask about your hosting provider’s server or data center location, service uptime, and Service-Level Agreement (SLA) in case of poor performance or service downtime.
  2. Technical Expertise: Always ask for their recognition (such as BBB accreditation), years of experience, and certification and authorization (such as Intuit authorized commercial or standard hosting) justifying their presence in the cloud hosting industry.
  3. Security: Always ask for the security compliances that your provider follows and what data security measures they have in place if a security breach or data loss occurs and what are their backup strategies and access control policies.
  4. Customer Support: Always ask for their availability to provide help, the average response and resolution time and what channels or mediums (such as chat, phone, email or social media) through which they provide customer support.
  5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Are you prepare for disruptive events such as server failures, power outrages or some natural disasters like hurricane? Ask your provider to know how they are going to recover your data and business in the event of a disaster.
  6. Cost: Always pay for what you use. Ask your provider to provide a transparent pricing structure along with how they will charge if you’ll add or remove resources such as users, servers etc.

Now, let’s compare the prices of the top QuickBooks hosting providers.

This comparison will help you find the best and affordable hosting provider for QuickBooks/Tax Software for your specific requirements.

Monthly Pricing: $65/user/month
Check their pricing here.

Right Networks
Monthly Pricing: $50/user/month
Check their pricing here.

Monthly Pricing: $50/user/month
Check their pricing here.

Monthly Pricing: $54.99/user/month
Check their pricing here.

Ace Cloud Hosting
Monthly Pricing: $44/user/month
Check their pricing here.

Cloud Nine Real Time
Monthly Pricing: Not provided on website ($50 setup fee per user). Check their pricing here.

The important thing to note that there can be some additional charges on the type of service you choose. For example, QuickBooks shared hosting is somewhat cheap in comparison to dedicated QuickBooks servers. The hosting of additional application such as MS Office will also cost you more.

Make sure to discuss the pricing structure in detail with your hosting provider so that your QuickBooks cloud hosting bills would not be more expensive than you budgeted for.

About the author: Deepanshu Gahlaut is a digital marketer and technical writer formally associated with Ace Cloud Hosting — best provider of QuickBooks Hosting Services and application hosting service provider to CPAs, Accountants, SMBs and Bookkeepers. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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