A Response to Progressivism

The George Orwell novel “1984" is a perfect example of what a progressive utopia would look like. The massive State with each of its institutions manipulating the culture and its individuals. Driving individuals against one another in order to maintain total control over the society. This is type of authoritarian utopia statist society is always advanced that control freak masterminds who wish to impose their will upon others. That is a progressive.

Progressives portray their agenda as an ideology that is for the people, by the people and of the people. That is a flat out lie. The progressive ideology is actually about government control and social experiments forced onto the society thought up by some double thinker in an office far away from the impact zone of his experiments.

If we surrender more of our liberty to government and the progressive machine, what choices will be left for us to make? How is it “progressive” to allow a government to make decisions for you? Before the United States Constitution was written; kings and queens made all the decisions. If being a progressive means giving up my liberty to some far away political double thinker. No thank you. My life is mine. I make my own decisions. Who are they that deem themselves greater than the citizens of this great nation. How are they more qualified to make decisions for me? They know nothing about me or my life. This is my life, not theirs.

Progressives claim government can solve all our problems. They act as if they have some divine insight and if they can just pass one more law, one more piece of legislation; then they will usher in a new utopia. A society where everyone is equal in every respect. They will create a society no poverty, no crime, no mean language, no income inequality. Progressives will supposedly create a carbon free environment (Yes, that is impossible).

Progressives blame capitalism for market collapses, wage inequality, poverty, crime and climate change (even though it’s not real as the left describes it).

If we just give them more power, more money, more control over the citizenry and society; our lives will improve and rainbows fill the sky.

Even if we do what they demand, our lives will not be our own. Why should we trust their judgment over ours? What magical insight do Progressives believe they have? Where does this self-anointment come from? Why are their decisions made in place of ours better? If we let them make more of our decisions for us; what decisions will be left for us to make? How will that improve our lives? It is my life; not theirs!

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