How exactly does BEBO solve any of the issues that you just declared was the reason of it shutting…
Michael Hernsin


Tragically what you just said to Michael Hernsin is exactly what so many of us experienced from you and the other Blab leadership. You’re more interested in swiping left than considering the honest observations of the people that really cared about Blab. We weren’t giving it lip service like you did…we were in the trenches being trolled, bullied, and then hung out to dry by the exact people that you claim wanted Blab to “work”. Blab gave up on us, said nothing until they pulled the rug from under our feet, silencing our voices, and then offering hollow excuses.

Instead being so self-righteous, which is oh so typical of the Blab leadership, you should be thanking all of us that were actually committed to making Blab successful.

Warm regards,

Dr. Approved