Blab is dead…long live Blab.
Shaan Puri


Having read this a couple of times, I can only assume that you threw this together on the fly. I desperately hope that what you have communicated here is not expected answer for many of the choices made by yourself and several of the other members of your staff.

“Because most live streams aren’t interesting enough to justify stopping what they are doing to watch your broadcast.

At what point did not supporting Blabbers lead you to conclude that the above comment would be recognized and possibly changed? I was here a lot, and I know several others were as well. What did you do to articulate any expectations of quality, or give feedback on what was “interesting enough”? How was anyone supposed to understand a need when there was NO WAY to reach you or your team??

I realize that this was an experiment….but I don’t think it excuses the lack of accountability that this note suggests. When trolling increased to an untenable level…what did you do? When you recognized that the Blabs weren’t what you wanted…who did you articulate this to? Did you think to maybe take a minute and discuss or send your observations to Blabbers? The problem with Blab is not due to what is or isn’t interesting in my opinion. Rather it is due to the choices made by those who could have stepped up just a bit to notify what was needed…and when it was needed.

The way you shut Blab down demonstrated a total lack of appreciation that most of the Blabbers deserved. While we were not getting any support from you or the others at Blab/Bebo…we were committed to utilizing this platform as an opportunity to blaze a trail that has literally never been available in all of history. Instead of notifying us that you were taking the platform down…you just pulled the carpet from under us. No notification…no consideration…no regard for what that represents. In the middle of our conversations you decided to go radio silent. You gave us NO warning at all. To you see the pattern here???

As far as another platform taking Blab’s place…why in the world would you shutdown an existing platform while you are developing another? Why not leave Blab in place until you release the new one? I’m guessing this is just another indication of how things are communicated.

Instead of telling us that the Blabs weren’t interesting enough for “people”…you should have shown some gratitude for all of us who took our time and were committed to elevating Blab into mutually advantageous model that serve to benefit all of us.


Eric Silverman (Dr. Approved)