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$275,000,000,000 so where do these funds come from? You can’t just create money from no where. So she wants to flood the market with more “women”? Really? So for the past 8 years under obama they have not been able to find work, vote or even hold down jobs? Wait, is this before or after America is flooded with thousands of immigrants, or after jobs are outsourced to China and India through the TPP? So will these women have to compete with the H-1B visa immigrints?

Sorry but increasing the pie size, as Larry Summer’s like to argue, doesn’t make people more wealthy, it just spreads money out with thinner slices for the 90%

So you also claim she will raise taxes on the people who are her biggest campaign contributers? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’d sooner expect to see a unicorn before I’d see that happen.