What the Hell is Wrong with the House Democrats?
Steve Phillips

A friend of mine tried to play the regressive left card on me, it didnt work. As others have said (or beat me to it), the policy of Pelosi (and her #spiritcooking & #pizzaparty friends) is the play identity politics with their base and their political opponents.

Like that? We deplorables can use cool buzz words too!

8+ years ago, that might have worked, especially if you were loved by the media. Now, with the advent of social media such as twitter or FB, the rules have changed. The current pressident can get the word out faster than the pravda can complain about it.

since the 4th estate is effectivly dead. Playing the race card or calling someone an “-ist” or claiming they are some kind of “-ism” no longer works. Now that we can determine for ourselves if something is taken out of context or not.

Pelosi has doomed her party. Under her watch she as lost more seats and more voters. As someone who switched from dem to republican in 2011, I love the work she did for the republican party.

The current odds is who’s going to die off first: the D-party or Pelosi.

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