AFC — Draconian Agenda Part 01

The pale skinned male was sitting in his usual place by the window in the exclusive Starlight Lounge. Unlike most cafes at the end of the world, this one required membership and prided itself on being an exclusive speakeasy. It sat atop the 4-star hotel Saber Regency Chicago and like all exclusive restaurants this one required a special key to get to the floor and was invite only to attend. Here all the staff was required to know your name, your favorite preferences of food and drink and know your preferred seat.

The man adjusted his blue double-breasted suit while waiting for his drink. While most eateries on the astral plane had the mediocre cuisine, which mostly tasted like chicken, the Starlight Lounge’s food actually tasted what it was supposed to be. He drummed his fingers on the table as he waited. Since he was excommunicated from Fight Club, his patience was that of a short-fuse stick of dynamite. Recent rules allowed him to show up and watch the fights, but he could no longer participate, own astral property or enter any of the Central Banks.

Luckily, they didn’t repossess his key to the Starlight Lounge. 
The waiter delivered his drink, on time, and he swallowed it down in one gulp. The waiter promptly flipped on his heels to go make another one. His contact finally arrived, it was a former Judge. His black robes flowed behind him. “Typical politician always on working off their own schedule,” he thought as he looked at his watch.

“Greetings and well met, Lord Douglas!” he said extending his hand. Lord Douglas stood up and shook his limp hand, concealing his frustration of being made to wait five extra minutes.

Did you get the sewing thread (code word for information). I need to start working on those shirts (code for the project)” he asked.

There was an issue with asset management,” he said rubbing his hands together. Douglas bit his lip, this rejected politician dares asks me to increase his bribe! He reached into his pocket and slipped out a small brown envelope and handed it to his guest.

The former Judge smiled and handed him a business card. It was a typical business card advertising magical items at discount prices. Douglas quickly examined the card and noted the dot above the “i” in magical was actually a microdot. His yellow draconian eyes lit up as they absorbed the information. The waiter walked by and dropped off a drink. The Judge, ignoring Lord Douglas, took the drink from the waiter and inhaled it for himself.

Well, I hope this information benefits you and your brood, I bid thee good day,” he stood up and walked out. Lord Douglas took the opportunity to set fire to the business card and head out of the Starlight Lounge. He disappeared as he teleported back to his old guild house in Houston, the Draconian Players Guild.

(part 2 coming soon)


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