AFC — Draconian Agenda Part 03

The plan was simple. The Draconian Players Guild, DPG, would get into as many arranged fights as possible. To accomplish this they posted notes on all of the AFC News Boards in front the all the AFC World Bank locations. They stated their intent was to prove to the rest of the Fight Club combatants that they didn’t tolerate cheating and were wanted to clear their name once and for all. The notice stated that all their members would wager 1% of their fate points, and any challenger who accepted this would receive a free magic item, curtsy of the guild, regardless if they won or lost the fight.

The second part of the plan was to open the guild up to non-dragon members. All new members would receive a free baby robotic dragon pet. They would allow non-guild members to attend official meetings till the first of the full moon.

The rules:

On the night of the first day of the sidereal month, the Draconian Players Guild received a formal challenge from House of the One God. It was an offer for a 1 on 1 guild battle. The rules offered were relatively straight forward. They would fight a one-on-one Iron-man style match. If combatant #1 (with the 500HP left) takes down combatant #2, a new member of the same guild would come in and take over combatant #2’s place. Combatant #1 (with his remaining HP) would have to fight till he was defeated or till he took down his new opponent, and so on. This would go on until there was one person left. In addition to accepting the fight, the Draconian Players Guild would have to give up 1 of their 3 magic items (House of the 1 God’s choice) they used in the Iron-man fight.

If they agreed to this, they would announce to everyone (the House of the One God tended to have members that were big loudmouths and spoke to many ears) that they were honest and on the straight and narrow. Many of the Draconian guild members had reservations, but this would clear their name once and for all.

Let’s get ready to rumble!


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