Criticizing the Trump campaign for using a Tex-Mex taco bowl as legitimate outreach to the Hispanic…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

“ And as to Hillary Clinton’s level of “responsiveness”, this must be driving you wingnuts absolutely crazy”

This is the same responsiveness that allowed her private email server to be hacked, comprimising national securty? Or the same responsiveness that granted CA$H favors for government access? What about the same responsiveness that got Ambassador Stevens killed? Or the same responsiveness that allows her to take money from George Soro (billionaire who made his money from selling the property of Jews sent to concentration camps), the KKK groups that rallied behind her or even the Saudi and other Middle Eastern governments who trample, behead, toss off buildings, stone to death and genital mutilate the same “people” she says she’s fighting for in America.

You really must be hustling to earn that $0.07 per pro-hiLIARy post.

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