Because they were not there. JUST STOP LYING.
Amber Lisa

Another denier of the obvious, and to debunk this without falling into the socialist trap of fallacies and insults. How about, letting the camera spreak for me:

BLM Jalane Schmidt admits to being there and protesting (playing the victim, but was there).

“ I live in Virginia and you not gonna see no BLM protestors here because Virginia is the SOUTH.”

Spoiler Alert: 2:15 she talks about the training they did before the counter-rally.

“ So STOP LYING about BLM protestors!”

The same goes for you

“ There were only a handful of black people in Charlottesville,

define handful

Handful? Must be that Common Core math kicking in.


This is Soros country! Would like to know why the governor took money from him through his charity, but that’s for another day.

stay in whatever backwater, disorganized f@cked up state you coming from with that crazy bullsh@t.

When did this become the CCCP? Do I need to permission from the Ministry of Travel to visit another state?

Go back to Texas, Missouri, Alabama and Kentucky with that insanity. Don’t bring it her and don’t be dragging the black people who live here into it with your blatant lies.”

So does that make Jalane Schmidt a liar too? Unlike the liberal echo chamber and shutting down people by calling them a racist, I would like to hear your reply.