On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

  • Create a national registry of Muslims and bar them from the country

Citation? As far as the registry goes, they have one for all immigrants coming into this country. Nothing new here. Every country does it. Nothing to see here, move along…

“Hillary Clinton will make a great president. She has spent a career fighting for workers, for moms, for kids.”

Unless it conflicts with the people who are giving her money.

“ they started making you carry ID cards”

It’s called a driver’s licenese, or ID. You get pulled over you are expected to prove who you are. Why is this a big surprise?

“you shouldn’t have allowed him to own anything that even looks slightly like a gun.”

that’s hiLIARy pushing for tougher gun laws, not Trump. Besides, you have must have forgot when Hitler, Po Pot, Mao & Stalin came to power the first thing he did was ban guns. I’ll take my chances with a well armed regulated militia than the hiLIARy and her leftist-communists.

Talk about death camps? I have yet to hear the left talk about Soro’s support of hiLIARy. Who cares how he made his money off selling of property from the Jews that were sent to camp? Republicans are only racist when running against democrats.

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