Gangs From Another World — Ch 07

Feline Clan background: Clan founding #4, #8 and #12 are the economic might of the Cat-Empire. Clan members consider themselves the proudest and purest of all the families in blood and doctrine.

While the ruling Families work hard to maintain their reputation and honor more so than any of the founding. Many of the other clans have abandoned titles with the exception of ruling families, the Kar-ith, or Founding 4,8, and 12 have embraced the titles fully.

Many of the Families see it as their divine duty to protect their family assets, reputation and commoners from threats of corruption, decay and a static reality that is in constant flux.

They control the flow of money and trade among the Cat-Empire and are the bolts and leather straps that keep the armored plate together. Rising stars in the business world and those with potential are quickly snapped up by Families who are looking to maintain or push for market growth.

The Founding Business families were the ones to develop the Trade IV language, which is the most widely used for almost all business transactions.

One such example is a typical greeting of “hello”. It would be pronounced “nay-noon”. The person giving the greeting would point their index finger up, for morning time, the hand would make a sweeping motion for the afternoon, and index finger pointed downward for evening or nighttime. Then the person giving the greeting would point their finger back at the other person to complete the greeting by throwing it back as if asking “How are you?

Kittens, or people learning the language for the first time, are taught that the language is like tossing a ball of yarn in that only one person can play with it at one time.

Outsiders to the Kar-ith often say the only way you can separate them from their money is to cut off their paws.


Gangs of the Capitol

We ran to the Stop n’ Rob while the guest answered a questions so I will try to do my best to sum it up.

When outlanders move in, they bring their cultural morals, local dishes, and customs. While all of this is great and help everyone expand their understanding of their place in the universe, there is a dark side. There is a chance they will bring their gods. The rats in particular worship a pair of gods that have crawled out of the Abyssal plane. Even the lowest of clerics corrupt and warp everything they come in contact with. While not all rats worship the game gods, it’s difficult to detect when they do. Even the most innocent of shrines can open up a conduit to the Twin Rats of the Abyss: Bres, and Balor.

At night the shade and darkness play tricks on your eyes. There was something out of place. The guest stopped. Akuma whispered, “what is it?” The guest’s eyes darted from left to right. Other than the busted windows nothing seemed out of place, except for a nagging feeling in the back of my head.

“Close,” he said “anyone else?”

“Why hasn’t this cursed shithole been looted?” asked Anna.

The guest smiled at her and replied “Good girl.” I scanned around and she was correct, once again. The store (other than the damage we did to it) was relatively untouched. From somewhere inside the store a deep guttural voice oozed out “Yessss, gooood girl”. A set of glowing yellow eyes appeared from behind the counter of the busted up shop. It was another rat-kin, although it was slightly larger than the female Lee busted up.

Its hulking form twisted like a slithering snake, as it emerged out of the broken window. More yellow, green and glowing red eyes appeared behind it as it finished slithering and reformed. Out of its back, it grew shriveled bat wings. It towered over the guest and easily dwarfed Lee, and gazed down at all of us with hungry eyes.

Green saliva dripped out of its mouth as it spoke, “You grace ussss with your presssssence Little Pharaoh. Me and my kin will enjoy feassssting on the ssssoulssss and flesh of you and your kin. Our children will wear your sssskinssss and

Before it could finish the guest instantly moved behind the rat-demon. The massive bulk hit the ground with loud squish sound, like dropping a sack of old potatoes off a four-story building. Dark red blood splattered everywhere. The creatures inside took a step back in horror.

The guest’s middle and index finger were extended and glowing with a pale blue-gray light against the backdrop of the night.

If you spent more time fighting, and less time talkin’ you wouldn’t be dead right now,” He paused and turned around to face us “Ok kittens, this is the part of the story where you take your turf back from these outlanders. Give them NO quarter and send these Trogs to hell!” The guest began to glow brightly with a red hue battle aura. Deep inside feelings of frustration and anger burst forth like a sun breaking through the clouds after a long rain storm. We meet these invaders with tooth, claws and our fists.

Four of the ratlings leap on top of Lee but were no match for him as he tossed to the side like old clothes. We were outnumbered at least 4 to 1, but the odds didn’t help them, the short smelly (½ human ½ rat) numbers quickly dwindled as we tore into them.

From behind, I could sense one of the smaller ratlings leap towards me. I spun on my heels and grabbed it by the back of the neck. Using the momentum I threw him toward Akuma, who just tossed another of the leapers toward me at the same time. Like a coordinated ballet, we all fought as if knowing where we all were. Red, who couldn’t cast his way out of a paper bag, was throwing spells that were beyond his ability. Anna managed to take down 7, but by her count, it was 11.

The fight was quickly over. The guest surveyed the damage as he walked into the Stop-N-Rob. Other than a few cuts and scrapes, none of the North-Central Posse was seriously injured. We won again! Behind him, his cousin followed. Her black-leather collar ring reflected the ambient light as it jingled.

One of the male ratlings tried to crawl away as the guest kicked it to the side. I looked at him expecting the next command. Was this some kind of power the Royals have over everyone? Was this even a Roylie?

Red was the first to speak up, “What about the orbital bombardment, is it still gonna happen?”

It was called off once the rat-demon fell,” Anna threw out the next question, “Who the hell are you?

Just some asshole who showed up for a quick cameo,” the guest pointed to me “You are all the real heroes, I just provided the deus ex machina. By-the-way kid, do yourself a favor and work for your sister tomorrow.” Before I could ask why he was being dragged away by his cousin.

Come’on Boss Kitty, we got some mice to catch! Let’s not keep’em waiting…” she said as she walked into the back room of the Stop-N-Rob. He threw up his hands and said “Family, what can you do?

Will you hurry up!

Boss Kitty, that’s what we use!?” I muttered to Anna, but she ignored me. Her fingers twitched as she was beginning to work up the courage to ask something. She jumped out in front of him and yelled out blood curdling “STOP!!!” We all immediately tensed up reading to fight again.

Are you seeing anyone?” she shyly asked. Everyone laughed. I’ve never been more embarrassed by her. The guest smiled and ran his hand under her chin “Look me up when you older, cutie…” He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. Her red cheeks could probably been seen from orbit. He waved bye and disappeared into the back room.


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