Yes, that is what I said: men repeat stuff to me
Madelaine Hanson

If the person was in the military it’s called a back brief. This works by giving instructions and asks for the information back. This is often good for ruling out any ambiguity or confusion.

Body language says a lot. If you were to tell me something and I just stare at you and mouth-breathe I think you would do the same.

If so many guys are repeating themselves, maybe one should ask the question, “Is it something that I am doing wrong?

They naturally assume they are smarter than us,

I’m a cat, and we are smarter than humans.

“ he always gets super defensive.”

Don’t hang around insecure people.

“ To all the kind, wonderful, smart and loving guys in the world- to whom I owe many friendships, interests and successes- please call guys out who do this.”

Or you can say something yourself.

“ Challenge the twats who pull this.”

I wouldn’t suggest you use that in boot camp, I’m jus’ sayin’