“They sell body parts, maybe they can raise funding that way?”

It was in 2016 in Portland OR, and they were popular as ever after. Humans are such odd creatures that way. Here’s the link. I posted a liberal news source so you can’t argue bias.

PP is a charity.

Than they don’t need Medicare money.

They get reimbursed from Medicare for allowable services they perform such as PAP smears, cancer screenings, pregnancy tests, STI tests, etc. Just as hospitals and non Planned Parenthood affiliated clinics do.

More fraud waste and abuse. Medicare has been consistently been over billed for procedures and equipment. They charge 10–25% more with Medicare, over a private insurance company. Do that to a private insurance company and watch how soon that ends.

How is medical care for low income people pork barrel spending?”

If you don’t want the gov. to tell you what you can/can’t do with your body, than don’t ask the gov for the money. Do you think they will give that money away without strings attached? Find local or regional funding, give the tax dollars to infrastructure, courts, teachers, etc.