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Many fancy words for someone trying to say “I am right and you are wrong”. Yet, I see no use of citation to back up your statements. It would appear (from my point of view) you are trying to obfuscate your weak argument with words pulled from Webster’s “word of the day”.

I’d be more impressed if you were to use proper grammar as well (or attempted to). This makes your argument, if you can call it that, unreadable. Please correct and resubmit.

By attempting to “educate” me by the use of fallacies by using fallacies negates your efforts. Negative + negative does not equal positive. Please save your moral-high ground (another fallacy) posturing for someone else.

I understand this is the internet, and everyone has a voice. So I must ask you, “does Allison Bedford need you to play shield maiden for her?” I wrote this article in response to something she wrote. I commented on it and she challenged me to educate her on my point-of-view. I wrote this for Allison (which she thanked me for and I returned the thanks). She understood my point (with citations) and I understood her better. We have moved on, and you arrived and added your 2₵.

Please, play shield-knight someplace else. I appreciate you taking your time out of your busy schedule, but in the future before you solicit knowledge sure to be able to back it up with citations or evidence (or attempt to). I bid thee good day, madam.

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