Movie Mashup — Fatal Attraction and Sharknado

Expert artwork…

Let’s face it, Hollywood is out of ideas and is forced to call back to reboots after endless reboots, super zero movies and whiny-angst ridden dramas. So instead of being forced to shell out +$25 on crap, you can shell out ½ the price of a movie ticket on my crap. So sit back and enjoy my movie pitch. Today we will be combining the movies: Fatal Attraction and Sharknado. Roll credits…

Today’s movie: Fatal-Nado

From the brilliant mind who brought you Rataken and High School Alien comes another classic: Fatal-Nado. During a stormy night at a beach side hotel, Fin Gallagher has a one night stand with a lovely shark-girl named Jawsmine. When Fin rejects Jawsmine and is unwilling to commit, she grows angry as lust turns into rage.

Jawsmine was unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the dance floor!

Fear gripping drama…


Fin Gallagher — She keeps calling the apartment. Every time Berth answers the phone, Jawsmine hangs up. I find chum in my mailbox, and I’m getting scared Jimmy. I don’t want my family eaten. Jimmy you there? JIMMY! NO!!!!

Jimmy — Relax dude, I was getting a beer.

Based on actual events…

Jimmy — What’s wrong?

Fin Gallagher — My wife wants to go to Jawsmine’s underwater house and drop a bomb on it.

Jimmy — I’ll watch her back, I’ll be driving the get-away boat.

Fin Gallagher — Then defiantly not!

This bomb brought to you by Dr. C. Cat

Fatal-Nado, coming to theaters near you!


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