The flooding in Louisiana is worse than anyone expected, and they need our support.
Hillary Clinton

“My heart breaks for Louisiana, and right now, the relief effort can’t afford any distractions.”

Where were you? She was last night partying with President Obama — to Nantucket for a fundraiser on Saturday.

I’m with her, but she’s not for me

“You can also donate right now to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation”

Cindy Adams of the New York Post reports:

On the 20th Hillary’s piggy bank gets a do at the de Rothschilds. As in Sir and Lady de Rothschild. As in Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild and his good-looking blond Ladyship wife, New Jersey’s Lynn Forester, whose previous second husband Andy Stein once tried for NYC mayor. This de Rothschild event’s eclectic, magnanimous, open to all — at $100,000 per.

And do you think the people there will see any money from that $100,000 plate dinner?

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