Funny you would mention vetting data.
Dr. C. Cat

My initial impression was that you were a nescient poltroon too lazy to back up your statements with any kind of factual information. This has changed. Because of your deflection of the argument, you have been upgraded to NYTimes reporter (people who manipulate data). Furthermore, your inability to refute the statements about Wyoming and Switzerland, use of out-of-data information (try 5 years or less, unless you want to show a trend), appeal to the emotion fallacy (still stuck on Lubbock) and your “friend of a friend of a friend” 3rd source style of resources suggests you still have no understanding of firearms in America.

I will say this. I am impressed that you didn’t resort to the Piers Morgan bullying tactic and attempting to define this argument by standing on the bodies of dead children. I can say that is very refreshing in today’s world. No sarcasm, I’m actually impressed!

Next time, you have read up on your NY Times article on how the US had the highest homicide rate in the “developed” world. It was last week, I believe. You know how to use google, so it won’t be too difficult. Also stay from trying to use FBI’s Uniform Crime Report Statistics; it doesn’t support your fata morgana that firearms are evil. Try World Bank GDP or the UNODC Global Stud on Homicide (2013), for better resources to support your fiction, I mean narrative.

Please let me know when you are serious about discussing firearms control, and done playing the fallacy /erroneous info game. Leave these games for pundits at Communist News Network and the rest of the mainstream Pravda (news, if you can call it that).

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