Scary movie idea

This from a dream that I recently had and I think would make a fun scary movie if done correctly. The movie takes place when a group of teens are thrown into a deep well and can’t get out. As they begin to explore this cave they are up to their chest in water. Spying an entrance they are excited that their ordeal is almost over. The two of them are able to make their way to the exit, but two children rise out of the murky water with open mouths and wide eyes.

Unholy noise escapes their mouths. One of the children say “Too late, part one is complete!”

The next scene opens up to a group of English detectives, in the 1890’s, attempting to track down a fleeing suspect. They make their way to a home on the outskirts of London. This once posh home is now a former shell of what it once was. Upon discovery, the family has taken six children and sacrificed them in a bizarre ritual.

Each of the six family members is found around a pit. Big baby, a guy dressed up in a white baby outfit, Mama who sick and twisted smiles on her face, brother and sister (a pair of twins), Papa and finally Grandpa.

“Too late, part one is complete,” Mama says as she stabs a child in the throat and tosses it into the pit behind her.

Upon discovery by the Rathbone Detectives, the family members fall down into a pit, built into the cellar of the basement. One of the Detectives pulls out a golden orb with glowing green liquid and throws it down with them. 
Meanwhile, in the 21st century, the first child rises out of the water.

The scene cuts out to a group of Detectives in America. They are hot on the trail of the kidnapper. During the car ride, we discover that one of the detectives have linked up with another who is working on a case with a similar MO.

They track the kidnapper to a scary forest where they find clothes from a child. Upon discovery, they see a dead body with big baby standing over the child with a knife. They promptly shoot the big baby. Big baby promptly shouts, “I’m next!”

The scene cuts to the 21st century again where the second child rises out of the water. The child shouts “I’m next!”

So from what I can tell this family is killing children in various times and being reborn into the children of the modern time. While time has no meaning and the children are being woken up as they are being killed in their respective times, they are being reborn from the belly of an underwater cave.

As far as I’m concerned, I have no idea what their final goal is, or even if it should be revealed. Did they make a pact with a demon to be reborn, was it this an elaborate ritual? I think it should be left up to the audience to decide and for a clue to be left about for people to speculate.

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