Argument is part of the problem; it makes room for sides to be taken.
Renae Tobias

Talk about twisting data to suit your needs. I bet you work for the MSM. The regressing-left and SJW defination of “rape culture” suggests that guys go out, get a little rappie and they go about their day as if nothing happens.

Before you try to twist things around like old shoe laces you need to define what is culture to you so that we are on the same page. That’s called opperational defination.

What happened to you is sad, I would not try to defend this. Though there were several times I went out with females and nothing happened. If the SJW defination were to be used my actions would be abnormal and the rapist marine would be normal. But in reality, my actions were considered normal and his actions were considered abnormal. Because we have police, courts, laws and even society to look down on this type of action, this is counter to what America believes.

Before you play games with words and stats you need to give a basis for your definations. There is not “culture” for rape, unless it’s Bill Clinton & the political class, they are all about do as i say, not as I do.

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