Most ‘Muricans have no fucking clue what “state run…media” looks like in an ostensibly capitalist…
Jeff Dickey

Thank you Jeff for your enlightened, and yet ill tempered retort.

“It’s not that you American poseurs don’t have a clue; it’s that you go out of your way to show that you’re proud of not even understanding the concept of a “clue”.

So living in Singapore has given you such a Cosmopolitan world view, that you are such the expert on racial affairs in America? Singapore doesn’t = world.

“anyone with even a smattering of world history can see that the species is headed for a new Dark Age,”

So that means we should obey the PC Police or be cast out of the Socialist Paradise they will create? Last time someone tried to create a place like that it didn’t end too well for the little Austrian or the world. Your socialist utopia isn’t working out so well in Cuba, Venezuela or for former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Why should we bring it to America?

“Grow up.”

From someone who uses fallacious arguments and F-bombs, I’d say practice what you preach, first.

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