The Blessed Masters have allowed me to take a second break this month. This is unprecedented, i am allowed a while 6.78 minutes to talk about history and the evils of 2016. Today The Blessed Masters suggest that i speak of the great warriors who protected our ancestors from the evil of child pornography.


FBI Headquarters in North Carolina…

True story

A suited man walks into a room and sits down to his boss. She stares back from her curly brunette hair. Her identification badge reads “FBI SPECIAL AGENT SUE GRAM”. She looks up from piles of paperwork her subordinate.

“Yes, John?”

He looks back at her with the eyes of an eagle,

“I would like to say Operation Pacifier is going better than expected! So far we nabbed another 75 people, 5 of them in Washington State.”

“That’s great, I hope those stupid press doesn’t try anything like saying we trampled on their so-called rights,” she quips back.

“And thanks to our team, we have about 100,000 people we caught going to that site.” John says flatly.

“I hope we get all those low-life’s off the street,” Sue replies.

“We could not have done it with Special Agent Anthony Weiner. He not only improved the website, made it easier to browse, but he also helped increased traffic from 11,000 visitors to 50,000! He was dedicated to child pornography that he even put his son to work!” John exclaimed.

“If the public only knew we broke the law, to catch people breaking the law, this could turn into another Fast & Furious. Luckily, the public will never find out.” She smiles and winks knowingly at Agent John. He winks back.