The Unscripted Moment That Could Change Hillary Clinton’s Campaign For President
Brian Reich

There is little question among young voters that Secretary Clinton is the most qualified candidate on the ballot this year

This is the same person that allowed an American Ambassador get killed in Libya, right? Or the same person that put secured documents on her email server in her bathroom?

Hillary Clinton excels in more intimate environments where she can listen and talk directly to voters.

And if she cant convince you, you will end up like: James McDougal, Mary Mahoney, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, C. Victor Raiser II, Paul Tulley, Ed Willey, Jerry Parks, James Bunch, James Wilson, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton, Gandy Baughi and former Ambassador Stevens, & former Clinton Body Guard like: Major Williams Barkley Jr, Captain Scott J Reynolds, Sgt Brian Hanly, Sgt Tim Sabel, Major General William Robertson and Col William Densberger.

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