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Time to play point/counter-point. It’s been a while since I did this on a sub-group. So shall I begin?

If by “ illigeals” you mean illegal immigrants….bla bla bla mindless prattle”

Like most of the left, they like to redefine words as not to see as bad as it is. For example, illegal immigrants changed to “undocumented worker”. If you want to pull a Slick Willie and argue what the term “is” is defined as there’s part of the disconnect and arrogance of the left. If I say they get free homes, you might turn around and say…oh it’s called public housing, not free housing. Well if you only have to pay $50 for a 2 bedroom house or apartment, while the rest of us pay $800 (depending on where you live), that’s called free….ish.

“Rape culture’s existence doesn’t depend on any specific class,”

Rape culture, as many of the social justice weenies describe it doesn’t exist. The numbers don’t add up to what the DOJ crime statistics. The concept is cooked up to sell books and make 3rd wave feminists feel better about themselves. Again, unless you are Slick Willie or Bill Cosby, those guys are all kinds of bad when it comes to women.

“We haven’t had to worry about blatant misogynists and members of the KKK.”

So KKK are misogynists? I thought they were racists? Can’t make up your mind what “-st” you want to accuse someone of being today? Care to use something new from your identity politics playbook? Or is the race card the only play you have?

“Social Injustice Warriors such as yourself have become the standard bearers and preachers of denial and reverse discrimination.”

I like that term! Though, it doesn’t roll off the tongue like deplorable does. Now, I shall retort. You and your ilk preach a cultural hegemony. Your PC werwolves terrorize their enemies with threats of labeling them as “-ist” or “-ism” or “-phobic”. This act of overt coercion and character assassination is nothing more than ad hominem attacks that are launched from your safe space in Bubble City.

You don’t challenge belief systems, you’re a defender of the old and established belief systems.”

That stupid old Constitution, how dare I try to defend that! The instant someone tries call a leftist out on their BS, they cry “-ist” and demand censorship. You also forgot to say “I tell people what they should here, not what they want to hear”. Sometimes you need a dose of truth.

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