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Usually if something if fishy, I’m all over it. Hoist the colors, let loose the main sail, time to bring in some booty. So in my worst pirate accent:

Arrr, if a citation is what you be needin’, den gib dis land lover what he asks fur:

“ High-seas trawlers from countries as far flung as South Korea, Japan and Spain have operated down the Somali coast, often illegally and without licenses, for the better part of two decades, the U.N. says”(Citation here)

Next time ye be tryin’ te seyin’ Ima full of whale blubber, ye best be checkin’ Google befor ye blowin’ all dat hot air into da sails.

Dar is ye primiary source. While ya may dinks dat ma sources are not solid like doubloons, den ye best be readin’ dis:

Every side is my good side

Ye soon will be kissin’ da gunners daugher wit dis:

Raises up a mug of rum, “Taken wat you want and gib nuttin’ back!

Ok, 1 more citation, I couldn’t help it

→Citation here too:

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