The Hillary Fandom
Elizabeth Minkel

When I read puff pieces like this I’m in awe of how anyone can lie like this on a consistant basis. Without worring too much, let’s play point/counter-point, shall we begin?

“Political rallies can resemble concerts or sporting events: voters dress up and wave signs

Like Bill Clinton is a rapist?

“ Buzzfeed got in touch with some of the girls from the Milifandom this past spring”

You mean the sexist and racist baiting site?

She laughs,” he writes. “But she isn’t joking, exactly.”

hILLary did the same when she got a child-rapist off with a slap on the wrist, too.

“I [hiLIARy]apparently remind some people of their mother-in-law or their boss, or something,”

My mother-in-law wouldn’t allow people to die in Libya, cover it up and say “what difference does it make?”, she also wouldn’t allow her husband to go out a rape other women, either. She also knows how to keep it a secret and not allowed classified data to be kept on a private email server. She also would take money from Wall Street and lie to people on how she wants to “reign them in”.

“ Within the liberal sphere of the internet, memes like the pop-culture comparisons one, which had 0% to do with reality and 100% to do with sexism

Not everything is about sexism or racism, that’s why liberal parties are losing in Germany, Brazil, France and the Eastern EU. That’s why you lost the election and BREXIT.

“ I felt that way about Bill Clinton. I felt that way about Barack Obama.”

Don’t forget the rest of the political class like Bush and Jr. They are not outsiders, it’s all one big BUSHCLINTONJROBAMA mess. Though you are right, I feel the same about hiLIARy, all part of the same political class.

“I’m a member of the Hillary fandom.”

Welcome to the 1%, with people who: are trying to start a war with Russia, created all that mess in the Middle East, Nazi Sorro’s screwed the bank of England, House of Saud, and the people who brought us into trillions of dollars into debt.

Conclusion: I’m glad you can’t vote in American elections.

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