Why Freud Still Matters (Even Though He Was Wrong About Almost Everything) | Professor Brandon…
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While I can agree with most of these points, it seems like you know little about Freud. So this is where I say lets play point/counter-point, with your host Dr. C. Cat, shall we begin?

“ It seems that Freud is looking a bit tired in clinical circles these days, having been surpassed many times over by better treatment techniques and better models of cognitive analysis”

The cognitive approach is sooo 1970’s. What about the big phrama approach (2000–2010's) or even the push for Mindfulness-Base Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

“ Whether or not it’s true is, in some ways, quite beside the point.”

Siggie also suggested that learning is developed baby to teen. This is where he limits his approach. Jung wanted to take it further into adulthood. Many of this contemporary critics argue the same.

“ Of course, Freud offers more than just the sex parts.”

He also suggested the child molestation was real and not just the imagination of children. I would like to see him bringing credit for bringing this into the public eye.

“Sure, the man is smoking a cigar, but what he is also (or, perhaps, what he is really) doing is satisfying an oral fixation of such and such nature

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Freudianism is unusually suitable for what can be called acts of redescription, which go something like this”

It’s called the psychoanalytical approach. You even call it that in the previous paragraph. Freudianism is a media buzzword.

Many of his ideas gave birth to modern psychology. Furthermore, it brought psychology out classroom and lab and to the public. Many of his ideas supported the notion that women were being suppressed by the males, penis envy. Instead of defining themselves using the males rules, they should define themselves by their own standards and rules.

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