Why We Will Miss Michelle Obama More
Ezinne Ukoha

While this is mostly a puff piece of all sugar and no cake (unlike the food served to the kids), I did see very little on what she actually did.

yum, I love…stuff

I would like to point to her #thanksmichelleobama failure of getting children to eat healthy food. While her hubby’s legacy is being overturned, her legacy of bringing unhealthy food to children is being over turned as well. So many schools are oppting out of this program as the schools lose money because the children refuse to eat what she said was healthy.

Her hypocrisy was under whelming. While complaining about what Trump said, she was busy inviting people who said and sang FAR worse.

more shakin’ and quakin’

We might see her in the next election when she might try to run for POTUS. She will have to compete with Pocahontas Warren, they can fight it out to see who is/was more oppressed.

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