If you start off with ‘I don’t understand the Rape Culture’ then your already 1/2 way to being…
Bob H.

Your response reminds me of a week old uncleaned littler box. So let’s play debunk the litter box game:

“ ‘I don’t understand the Rape Culture’ then your already 1/2 way to being unable to understand the whole ball of wax.

That is not even close to what I said. I stated that I don’t believe that rape culture exisits. That’s like me saying that a there’s a car theft culture, murder culture and a crossing the state borders of Idaho with a dunk on your head culture (which is illigeal, too). We have laws to protect people from this, but bad people do break the law. This is why we have courts, police, DA’s, investogators, etc to bring people to justice.

“ How about some ‘unattractive female’ suddenly takes it into her head that your her dream guy, and begins the offensive.”

See above. In addition to that, I am, by law allowed to defend myself from such an attack. My friends, because what idiot would go out without a plan, would step in and help.

“ because you were more intoxicated than you thought (we could even say say she slipped you a mickey that just made you all kinds of horny).

Because accepting a drink from a person who made unwanted sexual advances towards me is something any rational person would do. Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

“ That is what Rape Culture is about, the idea that ‘the woman’ is an object to be handled as the man pleases because; Nature.

No, by your defination rape culture is a guy, especially in SJW exmples, waking up one morning and feel rapie. Goes out and commit the act, next he goes home and nothing happens. She doesn’t call the cops and accepts the situtation as if normal. In America there are situtations where this happens, and people go to jail once investigated & convicted. Unless you are Bill Clinton.

Then you might get a clue

An estimated 77% of reported sexual abusers are parents (57% of the total being natural parents), 16% are other relatives, and 6% are non-related.(Thoringer, School Psychology Review, 17 (4):614–636)

Looks like a domestic issue, rather than a “culture” issue. There’s more of an issue there than a drunk girl being taken advantage of by frat boys. It’s easy to strawman frat boys as rapists.

71% of rapes are planned in advance. 60% of convicted rapists were married or had regular sexual partners at the time of the assault. Men can control their sexual impulses. The vast majority of rapists are motivated by power, anger, and control, not sexual gratification.

Sounds like a mental health issue, not a rapie frat boy problem.

Here’s where I play bad kitty. Where does the SWJ rape culture exist? What about places where Sharia law IS the law? Where: A Muslim minor girl’s father or guardian needs her consent when arranging a marriage for her. Where: A woman can get stoned to death for being raped by a guy. Where: a woman is asking for it if she isn’t escorted by a man or wearing a head scarf.

Here’s a REAL example of victim getting punished, this is real rape culture in action. I’d like to see the SJW’s address THIS problem…as the real problem, not strawman frat boys.

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