The Science of Youthful Aging — Natural Solutions to Conquer the Affects of Aging

Dr. David Hepburn
Apr 30 · 3 min read

It may be impossible to slow our chronological aging process, but we can greatly slow our biological aging and live a healthy and productive life into our extended twilight years.

Dr. David Hepburn, author of The Doctor is In(Sane), which shared a treasure trove of tips on how to enjoy and get the most out of growing older, says the key to aging well and dying “young” is to arm yourself with knowledge and take control of your own health. While your doctor plays a vital role in assessing your health and filling in knowledge gaps, he says it’s ultimately up to each person to be responsible for their own health.

Dr. David Hepburn shares several key aging tips and strategies that every person should follow if they want to age gracefully.


If there is one single thing you can do to best promote youthful aging, it’s regular exercise. According to Dr. David Hepburn, exercising releases chemicals which make you younger and healthier. Resistance training is especially effective at preventing sarcopenia, a debilitating condition that can develop in later life through the prolonged natural loss of muscle mass.


A lack of quality sleep leads to the creation of damaging free radicals which attack healthy cells and speed up the aging process. Consistent deep sleep can also help combat depression, memory, and weight-related issues, all of which tend to grow more prevalent as we get older.

Laugh and Smile

Laughing and smiling more often provides many powerful health benefits, which should be reason enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Dr. David Hepburn notes that smiling more can lower both your cholesterol and blood pressure, while laughing more often has been shown to boost the immune system. Laughter also releases a natural painkiller, which can help mask the aches and pains of chronological old age.

Know Your Cardio Risk Factors and Family History

Dr. David Hepburn says it’s important that you keep apprised of your cardiovascular risk factors, including your cholesterol levels, fasting blood sugar, blood pressure, and CRP (an inflammation marker).

Your genes also play a major role in your susceptibility to various conditions. As Dr. David Hepburn says, “The genes load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger”. Knowing which conditions have or have not afflicted other members of your family can provide valuable clues as to your own likelihood of developing them, allowing you to proactively guard against the greatest risks to your health and wellness.

Drink Red Wine and Eat Chocolate

No one said staying biologically young must be boring. You can regularly indulge in red wine and chocolate and live a longer, healthier life by doing so. The key here is moderation. You should drink no more than 7–10 glasses of red wine per week and consume no more than about 3–5 bars of chocolate, the darker the better.

As for why they promote healthy aging, it comes down to some of the same traits, namely their antioxidants. Red wine is loaded with the antioxidant resveratrol, which is commonly touted as one of the best anti-aging agents available. Chocolate is also packed with antioxidants and regular consumption of it has been shown to reduce instances of heart attacks and strokes.

Dr. David Hepburn’s Final Thoughts

Youthful aging is a highly sought after, which means that individuals are prepared to go to extreme measures to combat the aging process. The above tips provided by Dr. David Hepburn are natural and low-cost solutions to help you slow down the negative effects of aging and help you feel more youthful.

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