Pointers To Consider in a Medical Billing Partner

The changes expected in federal regulations are quite polarized as a lot of healthcare providers looking for cutting edge medical billing solutions. Outsourcing of in-house billing has remained one of the pertinent solutions for many practices over the years. The populist federal approach is like to cross ways with the economic, social and demographic impact of the US healthcare industry.

· The best way ahead for any healthcare provider is to explore for best options that will help them improve transparency in medical claims.

· A specialized partner with a disciplined understanding of claims adjudication transition will be a positive strategy. However, the provider of medical billing services is many and to find an exclusive partner that can help you in making revenue cycle management simpler is quite a challenge.

HIPAA compliance

One of the top considerations will be the security of patient information. Provider prices transparency will be a critical factor and use robust processes that streamlined sharing of health data is the need of the hour.

In fact, a medical billing partner will have to showcase their process capabilities and what are security efforts in respect to HIPAA. It is one of the fundamental points that you have to consider.

Excellent references

Experience in the industry is vital. What is the experience of the company across diverse specialty groups in urgent care, DME, hospitals, primary care? Are their resources well equipped to manage prominent ranges of medical billing software?

· You will get an excellent answer from references of industry peers that the company will have to validate.

· It will give you a clear understanding of their capabilities and how they can be beneficial to your existing operations which might be similar to one of their esteemed partners.

Steps to reduce billing costs

A prominent company in medical billing will ensure quality methods in practice management. In fact, they will make efforts in streamlining the entire eligibility and verification process.

· One of the immediate areas to address will be time and cost involved in the prior authorization process.

· If you find a company that uses quality resources with best in class processes and a complete understanding of insurance claims, it is surely a vendor to consider.

How the medical billing company projects itself with confidence and what are their efforts in reducing billing and collections with an end to end revenue cycle management support are vital. A comprehensive AR support plan that provides guaranteed recovery should be evaluated as an actionable intelligence.

Author Bio : Dr. Dipak Nandi, MD, is a New York based psychiatrist and entrepreneur. He has been responsible for major developments in the field of healthcare outsourcing, especially medical billing, insurance claim administration and telemedicine. A key member of the United States India Business Council (USIBC), he is currently engaged in key initiatives in the segment of knowledge process outsourcing.

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