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April 19th, 2019

Editor’s Note

The Golden Circle

Here is good news: DOC.COM exists to lessen the suffering of people in need. To liberate those who cannot manage to achieve the freedom of knowledge and compassionate service that this project embodies. The good news is the “why” DOC.COM exists. It’s beautiful that DOC.COM radiates an immensely meaningful purpose. To be possessed by a great purpose is a powerful and charismatic added value. Each new person and entity that comes across DOC.COM’s path is drawn deep into the righteousness of the mission.

From ingenuity to first adopters to the first majority tipping point the path makes sense for DOC.DOM because our path is supported by notions of basic human need for love and compassion. The best parts of humanity are in fact our strengths as a company. That will bode well as we work toward a goal of maximum reach and access for all.

“People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it.”

“The goal is not to do business with everybody who wants what you have; the goal is to do business with everybody who believes what you believe.”

~Simon Sinek (TedX)

There is an uncanny feel to DOC.COM. We see the path it follows, the one not being taken by the mobs of typical healthcare business models and academic group think ideologues.

I did not buy into DOC.COM for what it is — a big data, healthcare company, powered by AI technology melded with Blockchain technology in support of a crypto economy. I did not buy Into MTC, nor into the radical approach DOC.COM proposes for utilizing blockchain to IGNITE a crypto economy around D-Coin.

It’s not what they have done or will do that I bought into — no! I bought into the WHY of Charles Nader’s humanitarian mission to end the crises of Healthcare injustice, to make basic healthcare available and free to all in need. I bought into the tangible miracles offered to society through the functioning service apps. I bought into Charles Nader’s sense of

A blockchain for humanity.

And when I see the trajectory of the company to date — in particular the UN partnership — my sense of the astounding importance of WHY Doc.Com is codified.

The WHY explains how Charles Nader, after presenting his Healthcare concept at Stanford University was selected to participate in the famous Technology Enabled Blitzscaling Seminar taught by Reid Hoffman, John Lilly, Allen Blue, and Chris Yeh.


The ideas behind the company stand without precedent in the world today. Doc.Com is blazing an entirely new business path rooted in altruistic kindness and compassion. It’s no wonder many of the world’s most powerful organizations and individuals are engaging now to participate in the execution phases of the mission.

Doc.Com is on the brink of imminent launch of its’ beloved Lifechain. Take a moment and listen to this Ted Talk. Listen to the theory and the businesses held as exemplar. We can find between the lines, Charles Nader and the team embody the message. I hope a listen will help you all to comprehend more clearly why each smaller step of Doc.Com’s path is so vital. Why the “tipping point” moment discussed in this Ted Talk is slated in Doc.Coms’ future.



3 solutions for the library issue have presented well. Final weighing of pros and cons to which solution will be adopted should transpire today, Friday April 19th, 2019. Public testnet will commence barring any unforeseen challenges next week for those people selected to participate. Testnet phase will last 2–3 weeks. Immediately after a successful testnet phase will follow a week of Doc.Com historical database upload to the proprietary node of the Lifechain. To be followed by a series of in-house testing of the activated proprietary node.

We have a scheduled launch of Lifechain Mainnet planned for approximately 6 weeks from today. As we we have seen in the past, given the level of complexity of all relevant technology developments there is still a small chance of further delay. Given this timeline it holds true that the swap to D-Coin will begin in approximately 6 weeks.

All available signs are giving the team courage to present this information now.

The proprietary node will launch first with master nodes to follow quickly. There will be initially 100 master nodes available to investors and partners. The staking benefit is determined to be 10% annually but could be higher. Final numbers will be announced closer to Lifechain activation. All those interested in Staking contact the team for further information.

This can can be done by emailing arturo@doc.com. Please put Master Node Inquiry in the subject line. And please outline briefly your knowledge of the tech and any past experience staking.

The projected staking deposit is 100k D-Coin. This is predicated on 1:1 split. 100k or it’s post swap equivalent. The team is leaning toward 1:1 split with 1:2 split a slight possibility. Note: a node would then per a ratio of 1:2 = 200k d-coin. Final details soon to follow.

At the time of launch no less than two exchanges and one major commercial wallet will be ready to facilitate the swap and storage of D-Coin. A proprietary wallet is being developed for this purpose as well. Team is at various stages of securing 5 major web wallets and 2 market leading hard wallets. It is not yet clear which of these wallets will be ready to go before launch. Therefore an extended period of time to allow for swap while these wallets come online with D-Coin will be extended. You will not be forced to swap immediately. At least 1 month grace period is expected.

Developments in parallel to Lifechain

Doc Insights: recently completed.

This is the web portal for the Lifechain data consumer. Note that the automated process of purchasing data with D-Coin begins immediately at launch. Part of Doc Insights functionality is a revolving account mechanism for purchasing and storing each clients D-Coin reserves. Unused balances will roll over from month to month. Balance top-off is enabled at any time but the ideal is for clients to purchase a monthly balance for securing data needs.

Notice the IQVia brand logo at the top right. IQVia is a top seller of health related data products globally and they are now our primary outside sales force for the Doc.Com global data sales goals to healthcare related industries. Doc.Com has been working closely with the IT department at IQVia for the past several months optimizing all of our app services and the Doc Insights portal to maximize the scalability of our data products to meet the needs of their global customer base.

This partnership has vastly improved the marketability of our big data collection. The Doc Insights Portal is the same portal that will be used also by governments and academic institutions to buy data. For these customers each portal is configurable by Doc.Com to exactly meet their needs in one business day.

Doc Emotions: Optimization

Doc Emotions is undergoing a state of the art optimization adding an additional AI SENTIMENT RECOGNITION TOOL. This technology working through the AI mechanism of the service will utilize voice and facial recognition software to assist the doctors read of a patient’s mental health state. Improving the pace at which a psychologist can adapt to and address the patient’s healthcare need accurately; enabling the doctors to safely and swiftly move around a patient’s reluctance to speak truthfully about mental health states in the first minutes of a Telehealth consult.

Doc Marketplace(s)

Web portals for Data Packages & Vendor Services accepting D-Coin are fully designed and ready for launch in parallel with Lifechain!

Doc Prescriptions

Design for this portal is currently being finalized by the Dev team and looks to be ready to launch in parallel with the Lifechain!

Doc Super Premium Package

This package will offer unlimited annual access with preferred cue routing for Doc Health, Doc Emotions, and Doc Pets. Roll out locations and exact dates TBA. The offer is expected to begin with staggered market launches beginning in Q2. Annual price for this package is expected to be around 100$. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more specific information pertaining to Doc Pets.

Fernado Chacon On The Buena Vida Talk Show With Dr. Martitza Fuentes

Doc Emotions To Launch In Florida

This week and early next week Charles Nader, Chris Parker, and Fernando Chacon are all in Miami together for media talk show circuit rounds at Telemundo and Unevision of Florida. This is to promote the imminent launch of Doc Emotions in Florida in the next 10 days.


The DOC.COM executive team will also be attending a Telehealth networking event at the University of Miami.

Blockfolio & More: Updates


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Crypto Trader


The DOC.COM marketing team is currently working through the discovery process to add our Announcements and weekly Newsletter to the team update sections of all of the services listed above. This will grow our marketing reach to existing crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders across the market.


*Beginning this week we are offering this section of the Newsletter as a space for our community at large to contribute relevant and productive articles. Please submit your content for consideration to community@doc.com.

Google Trends

By Bobby Ventrelli

What is GOOGLE TRENDS and how can it BE utilized by the Doc.Com community? Google Trends is a trend search feature that shows how frequently a given search command is entered into Google’s search engine relative to the site’s total search volume over a given period of time. Google Trends can be used for comparative keyword research and to discover event-triggered spikes in keyword search volume.

Note the following Focus Trends:

0. Interest over time

0. Interest by region

Google Trends Doc.Com link:


How can the community help?


Help us increase web based Public Interest over time in your region. This adds value to the project. The data associated with google trends is utilized by major corporations and investment companies all over the world to find ‘the next big thing’. Do your part and start Googling!

Help the world finally receive free basic healthcare.

(Thank You Bobby Ventrelli)