Welcome To Docademic

We are a humanitarian project that combines telemedicine, blockchain technology and AI. We are bringing free basic healthcare to the world. The core of our mission is healthcare justice. We invite you to join our compassionate community of socially conscious individuals and participate in the revolution.

Are you ready to join the revolution and help fight against social injustice? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much effort have I made to integrate social justice advocacy into my life?
  • Do I consider myself unaware or indifferent to the statistics regarding healthcare injustice?
  • Am I interested in making myself an effective advocate of ending healthcare injustice?
  • Do I have unique strengths and skills that will help the community’s cause of ending healthcare injustice?

Here is what you should know:

We must realize that social inequality and injustice are part of the social structures at large everywhere in the world and that this injustice is part of society’s norms. We must realize the status quo is not acceptable and has to be confronted actively and regularly in order to change it. We must understand if we are not oppressed then we possess freedom to help end the oppression of others. We must help counter the ignorance, apathy and denial of free societies regarding the suffering of the poor and disenfranchised. We should align ourselves with existing forces in the fight against social injustice, this is the quickest way to make an impact — strength in numbers. We need identify who is an ally of the cause.

Being an advocate of social change does not necessitate an overwhelming amount work on your part. Taking a few focused steps to better act out a philosophy of compassionate concern for others is all it takes. Educate yourself about healthcare injustice. The Docademic team and its community leaders will help you with this. Then disseminate what you learn whenever possible, advocate for change, participate in the relevant dialogues when they arise in your peer groups, and try to practice self-reflection whenever possible.

Try to identify barriers to the change we all seek and share those barriers in your dialogues about the issues. Identify what are the recurring themes that support the barriers and try to imagine transformative approaches to taking them down. Community collaboration is key. Docademic has a strong, likeminded community that is goal oriented. Being apart of our community is empowering.

We encourage you to participate in our communal dialogues. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions and strategies that might further our healthcare justice cause. If you know your strengths let the community know about them. Don’t be afraid to ask our community leaders for ideas on how to use your strengths to help further our healthcare justice cause. We encourage the community to always show recognition and respect for the strengths people display. And never forget that that more educated you become the more confident you will feel and informed confidence is the backbone of our powerful and revolutionary movement for change.

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