Social Commerce — what’s next?

E-commerce and social media convergence can be an interesting business model although yet to be well established. In some markets its purely social commerce where as in other markets it is online to offline or vice versa. But in any case I think today’s consumers want to control their purchase on their own. They want to know who the sellers are and they want to interact with them first. And I believe this trend will continue. Platforms that maintain this kind of seller buyer information transparency eventually increase the platform trustworthy ness manyfold and the entire business model is operated on this basic principle — make things transparent and let sellers and buyers take the control.

I think the convergence is already happening and we will see more and more of it in the future. I believe messaging is very interesting piece in the whole puzzle of building information exchange process smooth and transparent. However, it is interesting how it plays out since messaging and e-commerce are fundamentally different activities. When you go to a social messaging app to talk to your friend, you do not want to be constantly sold products or services.

There is a limit to how much e-commerce you can do on social messaging platform but on the other hand you need a messaging platform to do e-commerce. Once you are going to buy something, as a consumer you would love to interact with the seller or others who have bought similar products. There is an overlap between e-commerce and messaging apps but there will be limits to it.

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