DrGrep supplier on-boarding process

A free for supplier b2b network is the key to success of supplier on boarding process. At DrGrep we want our business customers connect their business partners as fast as possible. Some of the technique our business customers use and we assist with are the followings.

1. Supplier value

One of the most important reasons we find suppliers would like to be onboard and do business with their buying partners is having some compelling value proposition that can save them cost and time.

Imagine a supplier used Tally, Xero, or Quickbooks to create their invoice. Now they have to send that to buyer Purchase department. And invoice is more often stuck there without having any information on what’s going on, and when it will be approved or when the money will come.

Well, with DrGrep all that becomes very easy now. Be in the same network to manage product and service info (also use that as a mini-ERP), create invoices and feed them to the buying organizations. Now you have full visibility on when the invoice is being approved. One step further, now suppliers can directly chat with buying organizations and see what’s the payment schedule and many more details of their documents.

2. Task driven automation

Buyers from the DrGrep network can now add a contact and email will be sent to their mailbox with necessary information to join the network. Similarly during various process when buyers include their suppliers emails addresses (who are not in the network yet), email notifications are sent for them to sign in and do business inside the network itself.

3. Marketing automation

Buyers can also send bulk invitation to invite their suppliers. At DrGrep, we help our business customers connect with their suppliers using various standard marketing automation techniques — e.g. email marketing, content marketing or social media marketing.

Content, and email explains how being the network can help them do business with their buying partners and help them save cost. These marketing techniques along with the supplier value proposition are very good reasons for suppliers to be onboard.

4. Education

Many suppliers are still not using any technology for their business automation. Many are using expensive tools that are neither mobile, nor real time. Hence they are not 21st century products to be used.

Therefore, its a tremendous challenge to educate suppliers to use e-invoicing, adopting digital technologies and many other things. We have prepared many resources (including blogs), and Webinars to educate the suppliers. Apart from that we are also available 24/7 to chat or video conference with them and help them connect with their business organizations.

Buyers needs to connect with their suppliers for various reasons. This starts with quality master data to managing other business process automation that saves money. However every buyer and supplier is unique, so are their relationships. Therefore one technique fits all may not be the right choice of supplier on boarding process. Hence why at DrGrep we try different things to connect buyers with their suppliers. This is a constantly changing process and we are sure as time goes by we will find new ways to bring more efficiency in the process.

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