Eerie. Wonderful story, Rob.
Lisa Lynn

Hi Lynn, Thank you for sharing your story. On the surface, it sounds like have experienced more than your share of tragedy and disappointment. But, there is so much to your herstory that I find exciting and inspiring. You have been living a very unique life!

Regarding spiritual guidance, what I can tell you from my experience (and what I will share in futue blogs) is that the guidance is most certainly a gift, but it can also be a crutch. The ultimate goal for us all as spiritual beings, is to guide ourselves and create our own opportunities and “things” through the art of conscious manifestation. We do it all of the time, but most do it unconsciously. When I initially gave up my guides, I didn’t replace them with my own focused thought, and so my life took a turn for the worse. After becoming quite adept at manifesting though, I have had amazing, extraordinary experiences. Now, the numbers I see are 1111 and 111. Seeing these numbers give me a little clue that I am on the mark.

I’ll follow you on Medium and I’ll look forward to your book! Best wishes to you!


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