There’s no such thing as proof outside of mathematics and philosophy.
Jackson Blythe

Jackson, thank you for your comments! I agree with you whole heartedly that there is scientifically no such thing as proof. Yes, I could have said that there is ample evidence, but as you know, that term proven is used in science all of the time when statistics show a strong correlation. Along the same lines, there are very few concepts that could also be considered a universal “truth” either.

With that being said, EMF has been implicated by many to be the cause of their health maladies. I have personally witnessed many people with health conditions the medical system wanted to treat surgically or with medication, get well without any “treatment” except the removal of EMF from their bedroom and living spaces. A scientist, doctor or skeptic may consider this to be a placebo effect or a coincidence, but this is not my concern. For me, a clear association, on some level, exists.

My hope is that my reader, by making seemingly inconsequential changes to the way they handle every day tools such as wifi, can reduce their risk for developing a related health disorder. If it benefits some, it can surely benefit others.

In writing a blog, my desire is to generate interest, pique curiosity and stimulate discussion about concepts that I consider to be potential health concerns in our present day society. I introduce concepts by illustrating personal stories that I have experienced myself or have been privy to. My blog is not a forum to provide a detailed scientific analysis of any one topic. How much can you really say in 500 words?

Thank you again for your input!

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