Without a doubt, July 4 is one of the most wonderful days of the year!

Spending it with family and friends as we celebrate the birth of our magnificent nation.

It is also the busiest day of the year for emergency rooms. With people slipping, tripping, falling, being hit by stray objects, cutting themselves, and the like.

Being by the water where it’s slippery, playing sport and hurting yourself, or watching fireworks, there are so many ways you can find yourself requiring serious medial care.

I’m most concerned about the fireworks and the eyes and have written a piece about it on Patch.

Here’s to having fun and staying safe!

“Admittedly, it takes willpower to forgo watching the game in its entirety, but I am always ‘a good boy’ and go to sleep on time,” says Mendelsohn, an ophthalmologist in Hollywood, Florida, who watches the first quarter and records the rest to watch another day.

Read the entire US News article here:

US News Health: “Visual acuity and contrast sensitivity play a major role in an athlete’s success.”

I’m in the Fashion Spot talking about glasses and blue light.

While I’m no fashion expert, one has to appreciate the protection glasses provide to the eyes.

The most fashionable glasses could provide the least protection so keep this in mind when making your choice. You want to select a pair that will protect you from blue light.

So been busy writing and contributing pieces that haven’t had time to write here!

I was on my first ever podcast! It was at Keeping Us Safe and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Additionally I now started contributing at US News!!


I can’t tell you what a thrill this is. To be able to write for a publication of this stature is truly a humbling honor.

This week I also had a piece appear on the website of American Foundation for the Blind.

While I’m proud of my achievements, we can never get complacent. As long as people are losing their vision, we have to do all we can to increase awareness of the dangers people face when it comes to the eyesight.

Alan Mendelsohn shares: Any small change to our vision can result in catastrophic consequences on the road.

Coping With Impaired Night Vision While Driving

Read this important article here:

WFMZ report on a very serious risk and ways of helping: “ “Vision becomes blurry, eyes become fatigued, sometimes red, and it’s very frequent to start getting headaches,”

Blue light and its dangers

See the WFMZ article here:

Also referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Digital Eye Strain impacts around 65% of American adults.

Review the article here:

We had a wonderful visit by the Oakley Ophthalmic educators who explained to us about their new sunglasses that provide tremendously enhanced ocular protection.

We at Eye Surgeons & Consultants will now be offering patients this newest, cutting-edge technology to help minimize side effects from the ultraviolet sun including eyelid cancers, pingueculas, pterygium, drusen, macular degeneration, and ocular melanomas.

In order to have this enhanced level of protection, the Oakley sunglasses need to be fabricated at the newly opened plant in Atlanta, GA. Previous generations of the Oakley shades do not provide the same level of stellar protection.

Writing another piece at Thrive, this time about keratoconus.


Not sure how many people know what this is but I’d guess if you asked 10,000 there may be a handful who do.

For an illness that is as damaging as it, this just isn’t good enough. We have to do more to increase awareness of it.

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