Top 10-Most Relaxing Songs According to Neuroscientists

Allen Kamrava
Nov 3, 2016 · 2 min read

Stress by definition is a reaction to any external stimulus. Stress can cause a wide range of negative effects on the human body including high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. Whether it’s stress from a visit to a doctor’s office, a large school project or work, everyone has their own way to manage their stress.

Recently, science has validated a method of stress management; the technique is called sound healing. It is based on the principle that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Sound healing is an ancient practice, as indigenous cultures used music to improve health and enhance the mental state. Read here to find out more about the healing qualities of music.

A team of neuroscientists from the UK has discovered which songs are most effective at reducing levels of stress.

The Study

Neuroscientists from Mindlab International created a study that presented participants with difficult puzzles to solve. Then they compared their physiological state with and without calming music. They discovered the most effective song, Weightless, was able to reduce participants’ anxiety levels by 65%.

The song is so effective that researchers advise against listening to the song while driving. Marconi Union, the creators of Weightless designed the song in conjunction with sound therapists. Together they organized the rhythms and harmonies to lower stress, reduce blood pressure and slow the listener’s heart rate.

The researchers complied a list of the most effective songs at reducing stress. Here is the top-10 list:


We Can Fly” — Rue du Soleil (Caf Del Mar)


Canzonetta Sull’aria” — Mozart


Someone Like You” — Adele


Pure Shores” — All Saints


Please Don’t Go” — Barcelona


Strawberry Swing” — Coldplay


Watermark” — Enya


Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)” — DJ Shah


Electra” — Airstream


Weightless,” by Marconi Union

Importance of Stress Management

Stress is a standard aspect of life, but can cause severe health risks if not handled correctly. Stress can cause problems such as depression, anxiety, heart problems, weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure. There’s no better time to deal with your stress than now. Try relaxing with sound therapy in your free time or before a stressful procedure or life event in order to put your body and mind at ease.

There is a ten-hour version of the Marconi Union song; Weightless and is available here.

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