Top Tips for Eating with Dentures

Top Tips for Eating with Dentures

Whether you have traded your original teeth for a full set or a partial set of dentures in Boynton Beach FL, eating can become quite a challenge. While dentures help you maintain some of the features of your original teeth, they don’t quite add up in restoring its full function. Apart from adjusting your way of talking, having a set of prosthetic teeth means you also have to adjust the way you consume food. Eating can become a burden the first few weeks but this is manageable.

Check out this list for some helpful tips for eating with dentures:

Tips on how to maintain a strong set of dentures | by. Dr. Archacki, Boynton Beach Dentist
  • Start with a diet composed mainly of liquids such as purees and soft foods. Load up on oatmeal recipes for breakfast, add soft fruits such as mashed bananas and mangoes to add more taste. Purchase tons of canned soups, if you don’t have the time to make hearty soups at home and add this to your daily diet. You can also opt to have healthy smoothies for lunch. Plus, because a you’re on a liquid diet, feel free to indulge in creamy desserts such as shakes, puddings, Jell-O and more!
  • Be careful with your hot food or liquid intake. Don’t hold these liquids too long in your mouth because these can cause your dentures to loosen. Try to use a food thermometer to help you determine just how cold or hot your food is.
  • If your best Boynton Beach FL prosthodontist advises you that it’s finally okay to move on to solid foods, start with a mechanical soft diet. This means that the food you eat must not require a lot of chewing. Slice fruits, vegetables, soft meats and more into thin slices so it’s easier for you to chew.
  • When chewing, distribute the food evenly in your mouth. This helps make sure that your dentures are kept as stable as possible, receiving equal amounts of gentle pressure on all sides. Also, don’t forget to chew your food slowly and thoroughly before you swallow it. It might become tiring to have to chew a lot more than before but doing so helps you adjust to your dentures better.
  • Always have a lot of water or any drinks nearby when you’re eating. Cereals and whole grain breads can stick to your teeth and make it harder for you to clean them up afterwards. Eat these with liquid such as a pureed soup or immediately drink water after you eat so you can cleanse your teeth.
  • Always stick to your scheduled visits with your dentist in Boynton Beach FL. Regular checkups are required not just for original teeth but also for prosthetic teeth. Your dentist can see is there’s any sign of damage and give you advice on the best way to thoroughly clean your new set of teeth.

Wearing dentures can become quite a challenge for new patients but the benefits of this dental treatment provides you a slew of benefits that far outweigh its manageable burdensome effects. It will take a lot of getting used to but by following the tips above, you’ll soon be adjusting to a happier life with the perfect set of pearly whites.

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