I wrote “Daddy Why Am I Brown?” after a conversation with my wife about the difficulty of teaching children about skin color. Teachers and parents sometimes have a hard time explaining things like why people have different skin colors, and what that difference means. As a licensed psychologist and professor who focuses on social justice and culture, I thought that I might be able to help provide some language and context that would allow our kids, families, and educators to better navigate these conversations.

Ending #MeToo experiences starts with men being more aware of their privilege.

I recently had a conversation with some of my students about issues of misogyny, male privilege, and the #MeToo movement. We spoke about the male gaze (i.e., the action of visually objectifying women both in person and vicariously), and how there is an erroneous belief that men are somehow slave to their libidos. Moreover, we discussed the real dangers of objectification, and how men need to take responsibility for their behaviors.

As the conversation ended, I was left to think about my identity and how it related to the interactions that I have had with others. I thought about how…

Corporate Authority & Bystander Effect #UnitedAirlines

Bedford and LaMisha are back from a short hiatus aka Spring Break! They call out some of the issues related to the incident on United Flight #3411 and the beating of Dr. David Dao. The episode focuses on the intersections of micro-aggressive behavior that ends with the inappropriate use of force. #RealTalk focuses on interactions between respect for authority and the bystander effect. The Self-Care Tip of the Week is the Power of Family.

Here is an example http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/02/23/anaheim-protest-arrests/amp/ of how white privilege translates into media coverage. If you read this article about an grown man who assaulted and kidnaped a 13 year old boy, you’ll see how the writer privileged the man by referring to him as “officer” though he was neither on duty nor in his jurisdiction.

The story misleads the reader in that the implication is that the “unidentified” (why does he get to remain anonymous after kidnaping a child on video) man was somehow acting lawfully. It pushes the narrative of non-resistance to any white authority, whereby this…

Bedford and LaMisha shout out #PodsinColor & #Podernfamily, and talk about “What’s Going On?” with the #DNCinPHL; focusing on “Wishing you would boo Michelle Obama,” anticipating how they will miss the 1st Couple, Black Respectability, and #BlackWomenDidThat. They do some #RealTalk about recognizing and addressing #Microagressions. There’s also a bonus #BedfordRant on how it sucks that it is easier it is to play #PokemonGo in San Francisco than in Oakland. They close out the episode with a Self-Care Tip to help you take a moment to center yourself.


Naming It features Bay Area Psychologists, Dr. Bedford Palmer II and Dr. LaMisha Hill, who explore pop-culture, current events, and their impact on our lives. This time we talk about “What’s Going On?” including #BLAXIT, adventures in #PokemonGo, #EmmysSoBlack, Serena Williams aka G.O.A.T., and Black/Latin Girl Magic in the Olympics. We continue our RealTalk around the costs of police violence and the need for institutional ethics. We also explain some key terms: Cognitive Dissonance, Stereotype Threat, Racial Encounter Experiences, & Burnout“

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Copyright 2016 Bedford E. F. Palmer II, Ph…

I remember the first time that I truly challenged myself intellectually. I remember the little library at my middle school. It seemed so big and full of books. I remember reading short stories and books for kids. By the time I was twelve and in the 8th grade, I had been reading choose-your-own-adventure books for awhile. I would become lost in worlds of fantasy where time travel was real, spells were cast, and kids made it home safe in the end. …

I am sitting beside the woman that I am husband to. It is a sunny day, and we are lounging in front of our townhouse. We do not have a proper porch, but the bit of neutral space between our garage and the shared drive into our complex makes for a great place to set up some lawn chairs on a hot day. I sit there, enjoying the sun and the company of my partner. I look over and see her sipping on cool glass of something pinkish green, the condensation of the contrasting temperatures beading on the contours of…

I was doing some grading this afternoon. On Fridays, I usually spend time off campus working from home or a coffee shop. My wife sent me a text asking if I had heard Macklemore’s new song “White Privilege II” . I hadn’t. I googled the song and promptly found it on YouTube. With its provocative title, as well as its 8:43 minute run time, it was clear that this was an effort at sending a message.

After listening to Macklemore’s signature fusion of earnest spoken-word styled rap over a minimalist accompaniment of forceful chorus, neo-soul and jazz tinged saxophone and…

Bedford Palmer

Licensed Psychologist & Professor. Interested in social justice, multiculturalism, mentoring, Black men, mindfulness, and politics. Cohost of Naming It Podcast.

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