Define White Privilege

Here is an example of how white privilege translates into media coverage. If you read this article about an grown man who assaulted and kidnaped a 13 year old boy, you’ll see how the writer privileged the man by referring to him as “officer” though he was neither on duty nor in his jurisdiction.

The story misleads the reader in that the implication is that the “unidentified” (why does he get to remain anonymous after kidnaping a child on video) man was somehow acting lawfully. It pushes the narrative of non-resistance to any white authority, whereby this white man is some how justified in shooting into a crowd (towards the ground or not) of children, after creating an unnecessary and dangerous situation. He fired a gun at kids in a California suburb and was not arrested!

They even have video of an old “scared” white woman (who talked to multiple news outlets) in juxtaposition to young brown boys. In the video, the reporter leaves viewers with the image of brave white men who have sent their wives and children away, so that they would be safe from these dangerous Brown people.

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