Getting Results: How to Start

How do we achieve results? How do we start? Whether it is professionally or personally, there is one major, yet simple item that is essential to getting results. We need to set definitive, measurable goals. Each goal also needs to have a timeline, along with an executable plan as to how to accomplish the goal.

An example of this goal is as follows: By September 15, 2018, I will have my car completely paid off and will accomplish this by setting aside and paying an extra $20 per week.

This is a simple example as to how this goal of paying off a car is measurable, includes a timeline, and includes a plan as to how to accomplish the goal. Once a goal is created, post it somewhere that is visible each and every day. This constant reminder of goals, along with the executable plan as to how to achieve each goal, will work to your advantage.

Having a goal and a plan as to how to achieve the goal is analogous to driving a car to a vacation destination with a road map or navigation/GPS system to assist us with navigating the vehicle. Without a road map or navigation, we may eventually arrive at our destination, but with a series of detours and elongated routes. Best of luck to setting and achieving your goals!

-Dr. Bill