Tune up your ride for the road trip

Options for adding DVD players to your vehicle

Everyone knows keeping the kiddos entertained during those extended drives and road trips can sometimes be a struggle. Fortunately for you, adding an entertainment system to you vehicle has never been easier or more affordable. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, there could be a few different options to keep your children happy, so let’s go over those.

Overhead DVD Players

Overhead units are the most affordable option and the most universal for most vehicles. When professionally installed, the units are seamlessly attached to the roof of the car for a factory finish. Each unit can be paired to headphones and run independently, or connected together so both units are playing the same movie.

In-Dash Head Unit with DVD player

If you are also looking for an upgraded radio on your search for road trip sanity, a touchscreen radio might be the best choice. The newest touch screen head units all have the ability to play DVD’s in the car, but can also be connected to those overhead units or headrest DVD players you’ve been researching.

On those longer drives, you just want to listen to some music for a change to get a break from Disney. With some of the higher in Kenwood and Pioneer radios, you will have Dual Zone control when connected to your headrests or overhead units. This means you can pop a DVD in for the kids and they can listen with their wireless headphones, and you can continue enjoying your music out of the car speakers. Win Win.

Custom, Interior-Matched Headrests

For a perfect factory appearance, you might want to order a set up interior-matched headrests. The headrest from Advent are perfectly matched to your factory interior, from the exactly color and material of the upholstery to the color and pattern of the stitching on the leather. Just like the other options above, these units can be paired together or ran independently, and connected to your DVD radio to be controlled from the front seats.

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