Do you still believe you can fly?
Kymone Hinds

I think God can be found in the beauty of a thing, regardless of human intentions for that thing and irrespective of the human emotions and meanings we attach to various things (like art). As such, we should support the arts and artistic works, imo, but not in such a way that we support the things that break God’s heart.

For example, I think the rebellious support of R. Kelly seen in more fans purchasing his tickets and attending his shows just flies in the face of not only his alleged victims, but many other victims/survivors of abuse who are already marginalized, disbelieved, and unsupported by society at large. I think it’s different from still finding beauty, inspiration, or enjoyment from something he’s produced. It reminds me of what was said, I think in the book, “Art for God’s Sake”…something like: God, in His infinite wisdom, did not give good gifts to only His children.<<< I’m also reminded of Alice Walker’s line: I think it pisses God off when we walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it. I’d rather notice the beauty than restrain myself from experiencing it.

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