“The Dr. DigiPol Show” Takes Deep Dive into World of Digital Politics

Show Kicks off Thursday powered by Shindig interactive video chat platform

WASHINGTON — The first-ever live, interactive show dedicated to the world of digital politics — from campaigns’ behind-the-scenes direct voter contact and micro-targeting, to their use of social media and crowdsourcing to drive the agenda — launches Thursday, Sept. 1 at 4 p.m. EDT/1 p.m. PDT, it was announced today. ( Interested parties are invited to RSVP here.)

Hosted by Dr. Alan Rosenblatt, a pioneer in digital politics with more than 25 years of experience, “The Dr. DigiPol Show: Caring for Politics in the Digital Age” features cutting-edge analysis into how digital and social media is transforming the political landscape. Viewers can expect a weekly roundup of how social and digital media is impacting the politics of the day along with expert guests who will provide provocative analysis into new ways that digital media is changing the way people engage in politics.

“Digital and social media continue to transformed politics and advocacy. Getting a complete handle on the scope and scale of this transformation has eluded many in the mainstream media. That is why so many pundits completely missed the boat on the potential of Donald Trump’s candidacy as his use of Twitter has created a cult of personality,” Rosenblatt said.

“Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders’ team created a coordinated social media campaign that built a powerful, living grassroots movement. The truth is, if you want to fully understand what is going on today, you must turn to experts who understand the digital landscape and how it affects politics and policy,” Rosenblatt added.

Shindig.com, the state-of-the-art interactive video chat platform that offers truly interactive social experiences online, powers the program. A hallmark of each weekly episode will be the opportunity for members of the audience to ask video chat questions of the panelists and “audience soap box” where Alan allows select audience members to take the stage with timely commentary. Episode will be available for viewing live, or on-demand after the show airs. Viewers can join in the September 1 episode at 4 p.m. — 5 p.m. simply by going to the http://events.shindig.com/event/digipolshow1 and entering their name and email address in the appropriate fields, with no software or apps required.

The first week’s guests include Emmy Award winning journalist David Shuster, Bridget Todd of Medium.com, and LinkedIn expert Chuck Westover, offering viewers a cross-section of expert topics and issues with something for everyone, from political junkies to campaign professionals.

“We’re excited that media visionaries such as Alan Rosenblatt have chosen this new format to explore such a vital topic in such a participatory way,” said Shindig CEO Steve Gottlieb.

Contact: Alan Rosenblatt at DrDigiPolisIN on Facebook and on Twitter at @DrDigiPol

About Shindig

Shindig represents the state of the art of video chat interactivity. Its patented technology offers the dynamics of an in-person event at internet scale. On Shindig a host can give a presentation in front of an online audience of up to a thousand fully active participants. Hosts can share the stage for face-to-face interactions with audience members before the entire gathering or sidebar with participants privately. Additionally, unlike all other video conference or webinar technologies, audience members themselves all see one another and are also able to network, discuss and socialize with one another in their own self initiated private video chats just as they would naturally at in person events.

Prominent organizations and individuals ranging from TED, CNN, The Economist, Forbes, Yale and General Assembly to Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg and Jim Cramer are among Shindig’s early adopters.

The platform recently announced full integration with FacebookLive and YouTubeLive.

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