Libertarian Party’s candidate, does Johnson want Equality and Tolerance or Government Enforced Equality?

Throughout American history, we have seen parties and movements become less and less interested in the opinions of their constituents, and these parties break apart and are then absorbed into new movements, either under a new party or a restructured party. This was seen when the Republican Party first formed to oppose the slave States and subsequent Confederacy, and when the old Democrat guard imploded after their heavy handed treatment of young socialist Democrats during the 1960s. The Libertarian Party is facing a choice wherein they choose between becoming the new second head in the dichotomy of a Two-Party system, or sticking to the principles of liberty and voluntary association. The latter will mean they won’t win elections anytime soon, but the former will mean perverting themselves into a Party and Politics First organization.

The general public learn what to think from what organizations and talking heads say, and if the Libertarian Party sells itself, people will begin to associate Libertarianism with simple Moderate Politics. 
Losing the minority opinion of liberty presents a much greater concern for the future of America. We have spent the last thirty years trying to convince people that neither government nor popular opinion warrants regulation and obedience by force.

Johnson has already said that he supports anti-discrimination laws and personally supports expanding them to include political and historical views to that view. This is a troubling trend as it feeds into the social justice narrative that culture is currently dealing with. Once it becomes OK to fine, punish, and imprison people for failing to call a person by their preferred gender pronouns, or not bake them a cake, or have the audacity to quote Scripture that disparages homosexual relationships, our ability to represent Christ will be that much more hindered.

Perhaps suffering for the Gospel is God’s will, but I for one do not believe that we can justify sitting idly by while these things occur in the hopes of virtue signaling and martyrdom. As one of our own has said, ‘You know it’s God’s will when you cannot get out of it.’