Swedes and their propensity for Offending WSJ

In regards to the PewDiePie Wall Street Journal fiasco. 
Forbes is not taking into account that this is a story about Three WSJ reporters engaging in deliberate miss-attribution of Youtuber PewDiePie’s intent and goals for his videos. WSJ’s fault is in not holding their people to task.

The three journalists watched all of his videos and simply counted references to Hitler, even construing PewDiePie extending his right arm as being a Heil Hitler. This sort of reporting eliminates nuanced fact checking.

PewDiePie did a series of videos on the Fiverr website — website where people willing to accept jobs to do things for five dollars — and commissioned people the most outlandish things that he could think of, Hitler jokes, and then filmed himself responding the ensuing videos. Although certainly in poor taste, PewDiePie was not espousing a genuine belief in Nazi rhetoric, rather he was demonstrating how far people would go for five dollars (Or whatever currency people are using these days).

When PewDiePie began to troll the three WSJ writers by inserting facetious references to Hitler, they took that at face value and blasted him for being even more of a Nazi supporter.

This is bad reporting. Something I would expect from a Facebook post by a “concerned citizen”, not a story from Three WSJ writers who have watched over 60 hours of PewDiePie’s videos. 
This is how “Fake News” gets started. Sloppy reporting.

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