By Dr Don Perugini and Dr Michelle Perugini

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Some economists have questioned whether we would have been better off economically without lock-down restrictions due to COVID-19. Looking to the future, Governments now have a difficult decision of when and how to ease lock-down restrictions, needing to balance freedom required for economic recovery with social behaviors that may result in a second wave of infections.

The question is: Would the economy have been better off if lock-downs were not introduced or are now completely removed, compared with having introduced lock-downs and slowly easing them to manage and minimize a second wave of COVID-19 spread? …

Authors: Dr Michelle Perugini, Dr Don Perugini, and Dr Jonathan Hall

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Our South Australian AI medical imaging company Presagen has just raised its first “Seed” investment round of $4.5M. This is a sizable first funding round by Australian standards, but necessary to help us take our first product Life Whisperer to the world and cement our position in the global market as leaders in AI-driven image-based medical diagnostics.

The potential benefits to both Presagen and South Australia can be significant. The SA Government sees the economic and social benefits of investing in higher risk deep technology with an understanding that a mature industry can only be built with significant investment, and the potential upside is enormous. …

Don Perugini

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